Monday, September 2, 2013

Stair Case Gallery Wall

Staircase Gallery Wall

From North of the Boulevard~

Like most people, I have tons of family pictures. With three adult children and three grandchildren, it’s hard to decide what to do with all those snapshots of our life.  Lots of them fill the pages of photo albums, many of them are framed and displayed throughout my house and even more of them are stashed away in a storage bin. So many pictures!

I decided a little while ago to try to take control of the framed photo overload that was threatening to take over every available flat surface in my home. The answer was to create a staircase gallery wall. I love organizing the pictures this way. 

While I had some of the frames I used, a trip to my local Goodwill store proved to be the right move to add more for less. I knew I was going to paint each frame, so it was easy to find a variety that would work. I wanted lots of different sizes and I found just what I needed.  I cleaned them up and was ready to go.

I used Valspar Spray Paint which  is awesome. No drips, it sprays from any angle and dries quickly. Using a color palette of green, blue and tan, I had my frames ready for hanging in no time.

The most time consuming part of this project is figuring out the placement. I cut out the various shapes and sizes of the frames and went to work trying out arrangements, using painters tape for ease of changing things around until I was happy with the layout. While this did take some extra time, it was so worth it. 

I placed the sheets of paper on the back of the frames to determine where the picture hooks should go on the wall by marking the paper with a pencil and then marking the spot on the wall.  

Staircase Gallery Wall

Once I had the basic layout done, the fun part of the project began-choosing which photos I wanted to display. I wanted it to tell a story of who we are as a family and I think it does just that. With a little help from my husband to reach the high spots, and some final tweaking of placement, we had the frames up in no time. 

Staircase Gallery Wall

Once I had everything in place, the only thing left to do was to have Gloria come over and give it her nod of approval.
                              Staircase Gallery Wall

I love coming down the stairs each morning and seeing this. I found the little "Family" plague a few weeks after I completed putting the pictures up. It adds just the right touch.

Staircase Gallery Wall

Have you put together a gallery wall? I love seeing how others have done theirs. 

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