Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Guns Everywhere

When, or perhaps more importantly how, did shootings become commonplace in America? The phrase, “the latest shooting” should cause each one of us to shudder. It cannot be accepted as normal.  There is nothing normal about gun violence. At what point do we as American citizens stand up, shout out loud and bring about true and sensible gun restrictions?

I am disgusted time and time again when I hear people speaking of protecting their second amendment rights. What they really want to protect is the right for their desire to have zero restrictions on guns and gun purchases to take precedent over any other rights. They do so in order to maintain some twisted sense of self preservation.  “If every one has a gun everywhere, lives will be saved!” This mantra has no merit.

Common sense gun laws are not designed to take away the right of citizens to bear arms. They are crafted to protect our citizens.  When it becomes more prudent to allow anyone to buy a gun, to take that gun everywhere than it is to protect life, we as a nation, have failed in the fundamental calling of our founding fathers to promote a more perfect union.

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