Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Being Mindful of Our Gratitude

From North of the Boulevard~

Oh, "Deer!"

Another one! My husband drives in some rural areas on his way to and from work. Last night marked the third deer that has crashed into him in four years. Fortunately, he hasn't been injured in any of the accidents, but his car is a mess again. The first accident happened only a few months after he bought the car in 2010. It still had that new car smell at the time! The second one came in the spring of 2011. He’d been deer free since then, but last night, a huge one crashed into the side of his car.

It’s his birthday today. So he gets to spend part of his day with an insurance adjuster. That’s not on anyone’s list of how to have a happy birthday!

In the scheme of things that matter most in our lives, a damaged car is not high on the list. It’s an inconvenience. It will be time consuming to deal with having it repaired. We’ll have to pay a deductable. None of those are truly important, though.

What is important is that he wasn't injured or worse. He managed to keep his car on the road despite how strong the impact from the deer was.  I’m thankful for that beyond words.

As the Thanksgiving season approaches and I pause to think of things for which I am thankful and grateful, I need to remind myself that I have more to be thankful for than I sometimes even realize. I’m always thankful for my family, our health, our safety and our love. I sometimes think though that my gratitude has become routine. It’s something I say without giving it a great deal of thought. I need to make a concerted effort to change that. I need to be mindful of my gratitude.

Today, I am grateful that my husband was not injured.  I am grateful that after he deals with the insurance adjuster this afternoon, he’ll come home and we will celebrate his birthday. That’s the kind of thing that really matters most in life. It’s one of the reasons that I need to remind myself that I am abundantly blessed. 

Today I am mindful, grateful and thankful. Tomorrow, I will be, too. 

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