Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

Chandelier Decal on Mirror

From South of the Boulevard~

My husband and I  didn't want to buy a lot of large furniture when moving into our first apartment two years ago. We decided that a headboard would be something we didn't really have to have. Without a headboard we wanted something above our bed that was large and could define the space.  I've seen large mirrors above mantels before to help make the space appear larger and I thought it could do the same for my bedroom.

After searching randomly on Etsy one day, I came across a beautiful chandelier decal that could be personalized with one letter. I wanted it so badly but I was wracking my brain on where I could put it. I didn't want to put it directly on my wall as I was afraid I would mess up our apartment walls and I knew I would never be able to remove it and keep it intact. Then these two ideas collided. I could put the decal on the large mirror.

I found the mirror at target and the decal at the Etsy shop, Bubba and Doodle. This is the exact decal I used: https://www.etsy.com/transaction/84640266

How I Made It

The process was pretty simple but it did require two people and some patience. My husband and I worked together to peal off the decal and carefully place it on the mirror.....and then I sneezed and dropped the decal and it landed on the mirror all uneven and bubbled. Luckily, it came right up and we started over...then I sneezed again. On the third try, everything went down perfectly and we used a credit card over the decal to get out any air bubbles. 

Chandelier Decal on Mirror

This now hangs above our bed and I absolutely love everything about it. It was incredibly simple and easy to put together and you can find custom decals all over Etsy for whatever matches your decor. 

The mirror with the chandelier works great as a focal point on the wall above our bed. I've added two wall sconces to give the entire wall a finished look.

Chandelier Decal on Mirror

While my bedroom may not be large enough for a real chandelier, it gets a touch of elegance from the mirror.

Chandelier Decal on Mirror

What kinds of projects have you created using decals or mirrors?

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