Tuesday, October 28, 2014

One Way to Display a Large Wedding Photo


From South of the Blvd~

From the moment we got our wedding photos back I knew I wanted this one hanging in our home. I loved how it showcased the gardens, and the bridge and how my husband and I were just a small piece of this gorgeous scene. And yes, that is my train cascading over the bridge railing.
This beautiful photo was taken by the talented Chris Smith of Chris and Cami Photography in Charleston. I wasn't a big fan of having a lot of wedding photos displayed in our living area especially having a bunch of head shots of ourselves all around so this picture was perfect!  I knew since it would be one of the few in our home, I wanted it to stand out. I saw the prices of canvas prints and for how large I wanted it was just too far out of my price range so I kept looking.

Eventually I found that Costco sells heavy card stock photo posters in sizes ranging from 11x17 all the way to 20x30. This was perfect. The poster was going to be on one of the main walls in our apartment and the 20x30 size worked great and at $25 I was sold! Again, I wouldn't have done this large of a wedding photo with any other photo. I really don't want a life sized poster print of myself on my wedding day... no thank you.

Finding a frame for this proved to be a little challenging. Since I saved so much by doing a poster instead of a canvas print, I decided to splurge for a quality frame. I eventually found an etsy shop, Art City Frames, that would make a frame in the stain that I wanted and that would be large enough.

Once I received the frame all I had to do was pop in the poster and hang it up on the wall. Since the frame does not have a back or glass it doesn't have a lot of weigh to it which makes it easy to hang. This frame is solid wood and built to last.  When I received the print I was very pleased with the quality of the poster board and the high resolution of the image. I know this is a piece that will hang in our home no matter where we live for years to come.

What creative ways have you thought of for displaying large photos? We'd love to hear about it!

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