Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Honoring our Veterans

All too often, we take our veterans for granted. They deserve our gratitude, our respect and our efforts to make sure they are treated with honor and dignity. It's more than a day-it should be our mission as a thankful nation to make sure no veteran is ill treated.

The failings of the Department of Veterans Affairs are despicable. They've announced changes. I pray that those changes will be swift and that they will be meaningful.

Veterans deserve better. 

 My husband is an engineer for the F-18 program as a civilian. He works at a Marine Corp Air Station. Many of the people employed there are veterans. He hears their stories. He shares them with me. It is astounding to hear of the obstacles they often deal with. 

Thank a veteran, today and everyday. Go beyond a simple thank-you if you can. I'm speaking to myself as much as to anyone else. I know I'm guilty of not making a real effort to show gratitude. I need to change. We all should.  

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