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Goal Setting For The New Year

Goal Setting Plan

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Do you make resolutions for the New Year?  I think it's a better idea for me to simply be mindful of changes that I need and want to make rather than saying "I resolve to..." The new year is a great time to do some self evaluation, some reflection and some goal planning. With that in mind, here's my plan for 2015.

Goal # 1~Staycations
I want to spend more quality time with my husband. With his job, we don't have a great deal of down time together. I want to set aside at least one weekend per month for something fun for the two of us to do. We live in a beautiful coastal city and we should take better advantage of that. We need to be tourists in our own city. We've done lots, but there is so much more we could enjoy doing here.

Goal # 2~ Make spending more time with grandchildren a priority
I want to see my grandchildren more often. Two of my sweet grandchildren live about six hours away. I want to make it a priority to see them more often throughout the year. They are growing up so quickly it seems, I don't want to miss out! My other grandchild lives in California, making it much more difficult to visit, but I do hope to have one visit there this year when we welcome a fourth grandchild to the world.

Goal # 3~ Attend to blog organization and interaction with other bloggers
I want to organize the blog better. When Gloria and I decided to start the blog together, we didn't have much of a plan. Ok, we didn't have a plan at all! Over the second half of 2014, we began actively posting more and became involved in sharing with link parties and seeking to connect with other bloggers. I want to continue that trend and to do things in a more orderly fashion. 

Goal # 4~ Closet organization
My closets are mostly a mess. My house is well organized, neat and everything has a place. The problem is that place is sometimes in a closet. With guest rooms, a home office and a storage room, I tend to cram things inside a closet in those rooms without any kind of organization. I really want to tackle this problem beginning with how I store my Christmas decorations this week. 

Goal # 5~ Home Office/Craft Room & Storage Organization
I use my home office as a dual purpose space. It's home to my desk top computer, file cabinets, printer and it's the mail spot. It's also the space that houses my craft supplies. Currently, those supplies are spilling out of my unorganized closet onto any flat surfaces in the room. I really must organize this space. 

I'm sure there are more things that will come to mind over the course of the year, but for now, those goals are at the top of my list. They are all doable and I think that's the key to success. I don't set lofty goals that have little chance of actually coming true. 

There are three things I want to keep in mind as I work on my 2015 goals:

Goal Setting Plan

If I plan and organize well, the odds of successful implementation are much higher. 

Writing out my plans works well for me. I'm a list maker and I want to see things written out in an orderly manner. 

Gathering any items I'll need for my plan ahead of time leads to success for me. A lot of excuses fall away if I've got everything ready to go and organized.

Implementing the action necessary to achieve the goal is the best step forward. Getting started, taking one step at a time makes me want to keep going, to finish.

What about you? What works for setting attainable goals for you?

Here's wishing you all a wonderful New Year, filled with good health, good times and lots of laughter along the way. 

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At December 31, 2014 at 11:57 AM , Blogger Laurie said...

Congrats Beverly on the upcoming 4th grandchild - how exciting! I like your idea of a few doable goals. Looks like you have a wonderful 2015 coming your way. Happy New Year!

At January 1, 2015 at 11:50 AM , Blogger Beverly Roderick said...

Thank you, Laurie! One of the best things about getting older is grandchildren! I hope 2015 is a fantastic year for you, too.


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