Saturday, January 17, 2015

100 Posts~Not A Big Deal? It Is For Us!

Many bloggers make a note when they hit a year anniversary or two years or some big milestone year. That's not going to work for our blog. We began the blog on a whim in August, 2013 and posted twice that year. Twice. Ha! We knew very little about how blogging works.

From September, 2013 through February, 2014 we posted exactly zero times. Nothing to see here. In March, we began to talk more about actually doing some posting. We made a little effort. From March through July, we managed 11 posts. Still not much to see. We changed up the design of the blog, Gloria created our header photo and we learned more about templates, html and widgets. We used the trial and error method for most changes.

In July, we spent time learning more about the ins and outs of blogging. We were not looking to make this a for profit blog. It's an outlet to share some ideas, some crafts, a few recipes and to hopefully make a few connections with other bloggers. 

In August, we shared 9 posts. In September, we were up to 19. Woo Hoo! That was quite a jump for us. Now, obviously, even though we were posting, we weren't necessarily being read by anyone. If you post it they will come is not true. If you post it, then share it and then share it again, maybe they will come. Neither of us were making a big effort to share. We would add our posts to our Pinterest Boards, but that was about it. While it was a little discouraging, we knew that it was up to us to share more if we wanted anyone to notice our blog. 

That's when I discovered link parties. They can be a little intimidating. So many links to fabulous posts can make a tiny, new blog feel overwhelmed. As I began to click on various links I realized that while lots of the posts were of such high quality, both in terms of the site design to the actual post, to the endorsements, others were not so very different from us. There are other bloggers out there who blog just because it's fun and they want to share. Some of them might have side bar advertisements and endorsed posts, but it shows that at the heart of their blog, they  truly enjoying sharing and making connections. That's not to say that bloggers who blog and earn income aren't enjoying it, it's merely to point out that I didn't feel quite so isolated once I found certain blogs. If you're making money from something you love to do, that's awesome!

Dipping our toes into the link party waters was a big step for our little blog. In hindsight, I realize that perhaps we should have started out with a smaller link party. But, I saw a post about a new party, Think and Make Thursday and even though it was being hosted by a number of successful, large blogs, I decided to close my eyes and jump in. I read and followed their party rules, followed all the hosts on social media, linked back to the party on the post and waited. I chose my post about our closet conversion to add to the party. I really can't tell you how excited I was when one of the hosts from the party commented on my post! 

After what I deemed to be a successful venture into joining a link party, we began sharing our posts on more of them. People, not tons of them, but some of them, were having a look at our posts. We began receiving some comments, Yay! When we received our first feature on a link party  from Erlene at Merry Monday, I could not have been more pleased. Since then, we've had a number of posts featured and every single time, I have the same surprised thought, "Oh Wow! Thank you!"

We set up Twitter, Facebook and BlogLovin accounts. I joined communities on Google+. We started following and commenting on other blogs more often. Slowly, some of those bloggers followed us back, commented on and shared some of our posts. 

So, that brings us to today. This is post # 100 for our blog. Not a big deal for lots of bloggers, but it is a deal deal for us! Thank you to anyone reading this and to everyone who has followed, commented on, shared, featured or even noticed our little corner here. We appreciate it. 

Our blogging goal for this year is make more connections. to continue to post ideas and projects that are fun to make and that will hopefully give others some ideas. 

We are still a tiny little blog, but not as tiny as before! That's progress!

Thanks so much for helping to make blogging an enjoyable venture. 

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At January 17, 2015 at 8:07 PM , Blogger Laurie said...

Congratulations Beverly and Gloria!! I am thrilled to have found your little corner and really enjoy reading your posts and following along. I have no doubt that many future successes, features and followers will come your way.

At January 17, 2015 at 9:39 PM , Blogger Beverly Roderick said...

Thank you so much, Laurie! We are equally thrilled that you're following along with our blog. It's awesome to read your comments and to know that you're enjoying our posts.

At January 19, 2015 at 2:12 PM , Blogger Dee M said...

It IS a big deal, Beverly, and I'm so happy to see your posts! Your projects are all so beautiful. I'm still trying to figure everything out! :)

At January 19, 2015 at 4:38 PM , Blogger Beverly Roderick said...

That's so nice of you, Dee. Thank you! I'm really glad that I found your blog and I appreciate all of your comments.


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